Why FWC Champions FC is more than a Football Club- Chinonye

James Chinonye has affirmed FWC Champions FC as more than a football club.

Chinonye is one of the oldest players at the Champions Fortress which earns him the justification to have a story to tell, especially on his first week and how the progress has been.

The left-footed defender said his experience since joining the club has been exciting and at the same time, challenging.

He also explained how players get to bond among each other, insisting that the club is a family.

When asked about his experience in his first week at the club and how the journey has been, this is what he told the media team in a chat:

“My experience with FWC champions FC on the first week was exciting but challenging too. I came in to meet different, wonderful and interesting players who have now bonded like a family – both on and off the pitch.

“So, breaking in was a bit demanding, though they were friendly and accommodating but I had to prove my worth to them too.

“I had different experiences with the coaches and their mode of instructions and discipline, and had to fit into their pattern to earn playing time.

“I had to get used to the technical members and the management and the rules of the club too. In all, it was a wonderful experience, it was challenging too…”

Speaking on his growth as a player, he said “I will attribute the growth and progress I have made so far to my family who always believe in me and my dreams. Also, my friends who always encourage and support me, my coaches who pushed me to go beyond what I thought was my limit, teaching me and instructing me in all aspect of the game.

“I won’t forget to mention the fans for their support, good comments and critics too.

“But my biggest attribute goes to God Almighty, the author and finisher of my fate, for life and granting me the opportunity to play football even up to my expectant level hopefully.”

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