TSM preseason tourney: FWC Champions FC zoom to semi-final after 2-1 victory over Bitiyong FC

After securing the second win in the 3rd game, FWC Champions FC have booked their place in the semifinals of the TSM preseason tournament.

The Champions Who Care fell behind by a goal in the first half following the tackle by Oko George as a penalty was issued.

Opportunities presented itself a number of times in the first 45 minutes for the FWC Champions FC to level the game and go ahead but they were all not converted as Okoro Joel, Israel Ijaga and Timothy Daweng all missed their chances.

The Champions Who Care returned for the second half with much hunger and the opportunity finally presented itself when Joel Okoro pulled a long one from the middle of the pitch as the Bitiyong goalkeeper was already out of position to make it 1-1.

The pressure kept mounting on the Kaduna-based team and they could not hold on anymore when Ndubisi Ukoha joined the attack from the defence and pulled a square play that was placed at the back of the net by ThankGod Hilary to make it 2-1 in the 72nd minute.

The last 10 minutes was action packed with both teams making efforts to prove a point but the scoreline remained the same till the end of the match

FWC Champions FC will now join the host team, TSM FC, Wikki Feeders and Younger Generation of Bauchi in the semifinals that will be played on Friday as well as the finals.

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