NLO: We are already in the mood for the competitive season, Hillary Thankgod

Hillary Thankgod has declared the team’s readiness for the NLO season as he noted that the players are already in the mood to compete favourably.

The league board had announced that the NLO 1 is scheduled to kick off on March 26, 2020 in a timetable released earlier in January.

With no further information from the NLO, it is expected that the league should begin with FWC Champions FC already prepared, having played a number of friendly games.

Thankgod hinted that FWC Champions FC players will be left disappointed if the league fails to kickoff at the said date, stressing that his teammates are good to go.

“I can tell you confidently that we are ready for the season and the players are already in the mood to compete.

“We will be very disappointed if the league does not start later this month because we feel we stand a better chance to deliver the kind of results we want.

“Our coaches have done a lot and we have had a number of test games to ensure that we are ready and that, I think is enough to get us going” he stated.

Meanwhile, there is yet to be any information from the league board with regards to the commencement of the league while the fixtures are yet to be released, a development that has placed doubt on the calendar that was released earlier.

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