Justin Emmanuel

Covid-19: Emmanuel Justin says he expects a new beginning

Emmanuel Justin has expressed hope in having a new start of life and career as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic is defeated.

The Champions Who Care winger has just stepped into a new phase of his life after celebrating his birthday on April 13 amidst the lockdown and is hopeful that things will get better when life returns to normal.

“For me, I think it’s a new beginning celebrating my birthday this way and I am happy” he told the club’s official website.

Justin has had a promising career so far, winning a number of trophies and individual awards, including, “winning the 2017 Gothia Cup in China and becoming the MVP of the tournament.”

But the highlight of his achievements so far is “Playing for FWC Champions FC in the NLO and not relegating was a plus for me” he said.

He added that “I love the commitment of the club, the love, care and prayer life”

Notwithstanding, Justin has a dream which is “Playing consistently in the Champions League and in top leagues in Europe by God’s grace”

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